RECOMs AMG calendar 2013 layer breakdown...

A photoshop layer breakdown, i created to visualize the making of the mercedes benz - AMG calendar, 2013.


A layer breakdown of our via CGI realized calendar production for AMG.

Project : AMG Calendar 2013
Client : Mercedes-AMG GmbH, Affalterbach
Idea/Concept/Layout : Bruce B.
Stock Support : Maground
Digital Motionblur : BleexPro

Everyday Life / We Come Home / Winter 2014

In the end of 2013 we gave a camera to all of our colleagues. We asked them to document their very personal trip home.
By car, subway, bike, foot, bus. All of them said yes. This is how it looks. Enjoy.


Music: "Cinder" by Edward Shallow –

UHU Gluegun Campaign - Layer Breakdown

The Photoshop layer breakdown we created for A blog about "how we make pictures". I also acted as Post Artist on the UHU Campaign.


If you liked this you can read the full story on our blog MAD LOVE: or HOW WE MAKE PICTURES. Enjoy!


Client: UHU
Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, Germany
Photographer: Bernd Westphal
Art-Director: Jörg Dittmann
CGI-Director: Thorsten Jasper Weese
Post-Artist: Jonas Braukmann
CGI-Artist: Ina Bostelmann