Good Times // SLO / I / HR // Holidays // 2018

We spent some time in the south of Europe. Slovenia is one of my favorite countries in Europe. If you can - go there. Figure it out for yourself. Enjoy!

Holidays / Côte d'Azur / France / Summer 2016

You do somebody a favour and then they invite you to stay at their flat in the south of France. 
It doesn't get any better. Thanks so much you two! We shot these clips and maybe they show you
how we felt. Enjoy!

the flat we stayed at:

sound im intro:

sound in clip:

4 Days Santorini / Schnapsidee / Spring 2015

We basically flew to Santorini over a long weekend. In spring. For 4 days. It was a Schnapsidee, but it was great. Because it was off-season we pretty much had everything for us. Sure, the weather was a bit unsettled, but that was part of the beauty. We stayed in Perissa and spent one night in Oia. It was Wonderful, but a we wouldn't do it again. Hahahaha. These are some moods. Hope You enjoy.


Day at the Lake / Germany / Summer 2015

We drove south and spent a beautiful day at Lake Constance. I always love the sound at open air pools. It's super loud and chaotic. You lay down in the gras, close your eyes, listen and enjoy. These are bits and pieces from that day. I hope you enjoy.


Weekend Trip / Slovenia / Croatia / Spring 2014

This trip was a present. We are really grateful. Our hotel was in Portoroz. When the weather forecast wasn't great, we checked the map where its gonna be better. We couldn't always escape the clouds, but had a wonderful time anyways. Enjoy…

Locations in the clip: Portoroz, Piran, Rovinj, Trzic, Postojnska Jama

Main Song: "Siesta" by Jahzzar (

Intro Radio Songs: "MDF 5" by MeatballMachine (, "fake uke out" by Sam Gas Can (, "Nuff Stickers" by Kidkanevil & DZA (, "Evidence" by Zeigenbock Kopf ( + lots of Audiosocket Glitches and Bloobs.

Ice cream!

Holidays / Christmas / Germany / 2014

Since we have kids we switch between the grand parents from year to year. One grandma is living in north Germany next to the North Sea. The other one in Slovenia, 30min south from Klagenfurt, Austria.

This year we spent christmas at "grandma north's" house. Breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea, dinner. Repeat :). All the kids and friends. I captured some moments during those three days. Hope you enjoy.

1st track:
Wind-Up Waltz by Lana Palmer
2nd track:
September Still by Learning Music -

10 Days Work / Malaga / Spain / Summer 2014

Things i've learned: 10 days location work equals 15 days in the studio. Costa del Sol at night sounds like 1:40. The moon is missing. The MacPro is a mystery to the airport security. I love my girls.

It was a great production. We are still working on it as i am posting this video. I will be happy to share what we actually did, when its finally published. Stay tuned.

Hope you enjoy the video!

1st song: Bloom Long by Tallboy 7
2nd song: sacem by Gablé
3rd song: Magnetic Waves by Philip Lynch

One Week Greenpoint / Brooklyn / New York / USA

I spent one week in Greenpoint last summer. For a Fashion Week project. Mostly i saw the office. The rest of the time i went from the apartment to the office, or the other way around. The first sunday was off, which was nice.

This is literally almost everything i shot during that crazy week. My head was full with work.
I wanna go again. Take my two girls, enjoy and reshoot.

Weekend / Firework Festival / Summer 2013

Everything leads to the firework show in the end, but most part of the time you enjoy the mood and people you are surrounded by. Eat. Drink. Two friends, my girls and i went there to capture some impressions. This is a little bit how we felt:

track: Passion Pit - Take a Walk (Peking Duck Remix)

Weekend Trip / Lake Constance / Autumn 2013

An autumn september weekend family trip to Lake Constance, Germany. Sponsored by somebody who thought we might need it. Thanks alot for this one.

Holidays / Greece / Kos / 2013

These were the first real holidays, since our daughter was born. We didn't visit any grandma or grandpas. It was a pleasure. I hope you enjoy it.

Locations in the Clip: Mastichari, Kefalos, Kos, Kamari, Antimachia, AG. Fokas